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6 Signs That You’ve Chosen the Wrong Cosmetologist

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Cosmetology clinics often attract customers promising unrealistic results, attractive discounts, and special deals. So, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons so you don’t spoil your mood and ruin your appearance, especially when you paid your own money for their procedures. This article will tell you when it’s better to look for another specialist and how to not over do it with unnecessary procedures.

5 Fun Facts gathered 6 main points that we should take into consideration when making an appointment with a cosmetologist.

They have the same approach for all clients.

  • You’ve probably read reviews about a specialist and looked at their work before making an appointment. It should raise some concerns if you notice the same result on different clients. A “signature style” can be hiding a lack of experience and knowledge.
  • If you’re determined to undergo a certain procedure, make sure in advance that all the necessary equipment is available at the clinic. Some clinics offer alternative procedures depending on what products they have. But the result can be different from what you’re expecting.
  • A specialist may not to pay attention to your age and give you advice to choose a more powerful procedure as a precaution. This happens because cosmetic products for mature skin are way more expensive and are more profitable for the salon, but not necessarily for you.

What to do: If it’s your first visit to a specialist, write down everything they recommend and search for information about the procedures and products on the internet. Don’t agree to everything at once — it’s better to give yourself some time to think.

Different perceptions of beauty

You go to a clinic, just wanting to do a light facelift to boost your self-esteem and look fabulous. But the doctor tries to persuade you that your face is “out-of-date” and offers to fill nasolabial folds and lacrimal groove with fillers, create a V-shaped face, add 2 times more volume to your lips to make you look like a modern girl.

What to do: Keep looking for a specialist who knows enough about facial anatomy and respects the correct proportions.

You undergo procedures too often.

There are some procedures that show noticeable results after a certain time. For example, after biorevitalization or mesotherapy, you should wait for 2 weeks before you schedule the next appointment. Only this way will you be able to see the results and decide whether you want to repeat the procedure. Cosmetologists are interested in selling as many procedures as possible and usually advise making the next appointment in a week or earlier. What will this lead to? You’ll notice some swelling of the face after time because you didn’t follow the process and your skin got too overwhelmed.

What to do: Wait the recommended amount of time and evaluate the results yourself. Don’t rush to buy more procedures. Don’t wait for a miracle even from the most popular cosmetic methods. For example, biorevitalization and mesotherapy can help you with dry skin, so you should stop the procedures after solving this problem. According to research, they don’t provide an anti-aging effect in the beginning, and not even after 3 months of injections.

A cosmetologist suggests doing all the procedures on the list.

Let’s suppose you decided to get rid of forehead wrinkles but a cosmetologist recommends to do a pore cleaning, chemical peels, add some volume with fillers, and try all their discount procedures

What to do: Learn to say “no” if you don’t want anything more than to say goodbye to your forehead wrinkles.

A promise of unrealistic results from a procedure

How long the results will last depends on individual factors. That’s why nobody can guarantee a lasting effect. How do you know if you’re getting lied to? Find out how long the effects usually last. For example, Botox lasts from 3 to 6 months and if your cosmetologist is claiming that you’ll forget about your wrinkles for a year or even 3, you should be cautious. Besides, your metabolic rate greatly influences the effect from fillers and if it’s high you’ll have to repeat the procedure sooner than was promised by the cosmetologist.

What to do: Don’t believe exaggerated promises. The only way to know how long the results will last, is to wait and see.

You get hooked on procedures.

If you haven’t even gotten up from the chair yet after the procedure, but you’re already being told that if don’t book a new appointment for tomorrow, your problems will be back and may become even worse. Don’t believe it. Of course, if you stop going to a cosmetologist, your skin will go back to its initial condition over time. But nothing horrible will happen and you won’t become 10 years older overnight.

What to do: Politely refuse and say that you’ll make an appointment when you’re ready.

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