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The Whole Century Flashes by in the Most Epic Photographs From 1918 to 2018

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100 years doesn’t seem like much when compared to our entire history, but lots of things happened in these years — some great, some sad, and some horrifying. We selected just one photo for each year to remind you what has happened in past.

At 5 Fun Facts, we invite you to use our time machine and get a feeling of how life was back in the day.

1918 — The end of WWI

1919 — The Council of Four at the Paris Peace Conference

1920 — The beginning of prohibition in the United States

1921 — The first Miss America

1922 — The Olav Tryggvason statue in Trondheim

1923 — A visitor to the Tomb of Tutankhamun at The Valley of the Kings

1924 — A close view of Trafalgar Square looking east from the west fountain. These original fountains were replaced in the late 1940s.

1925 — Arctic expedition of the SS München

1926 — Otto Peltzer breaking an 800 m world record

1927 — Charles Lindbergh flies solo over the Atlantic.

1928 — Winter Olympics in St. Moritz, Switzerland

1929 — The stock market crash

1930 — The library at Peel House

1931 — Hungarian aviators, Endresz György and Magyar Sándor are ready for their non-stop transatlantic flight.

1932 — Preparing for the first underwater photographs outside of a diving bell

1933 — The first flight over the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest

1934 — Hitler at a Nazi Party rally

1935 — Hemingway caught a tuna.

1936 — The Olympic games in Berlin

1937 — The Hindenburg airship crash

1938 — A Tibetan woman

1939 — Soviet Foreign Minister, Molotov signing the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact

1940 — Standing guard on a beach in southern England

1941 — Pearl Harbor was attacked.

1942 — A Soviet junior political officer

1943 -Young girls assembling machine guns in a Russian factory

1944 — The Normandy invasion

1945 — The end of WWII

1946 — Traffic jam in Paris

1947 — Princesses on the footplate during the royal visit to South Africa

1948 — The first Prime Minister of Independent India, Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi on a train

1949 — Dancers are celebrating New Year’s Eve

1950 — An aerial view of the Corporation Quay

1951 — Women wrestling

1952 — A rocket laboratory

1953 — John F. Kennedy and his then fiancé, Jacqueline Bouvier

f1954 — Roger Bannister finishing the 4-minute mile

1955 — Members of the Royal Family helping out at a local village fete

1956 — Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller at their wedding

1957 — Laika, a Russian cosmonaut dog was the first animal in space.

1958 — Pele’s final World Cup performance

1959 — Some Like It Hot

1960 — Che Guevara

1961 — The first man in space

1962 — Pablo Picasso

1963 — Buddhist monks celebrating the anniversary of the self-immolation of Thich Quang Duc

1964 — Beatlemania has arrived.

1965 — Muhammad Ali screaming for Sonny Liston to get up and fight

1966 — Basket shelters on a beach in Belgium

1967 — An anti-war protester offering a flower to the soldiers

1968 — A Black Power salute at the Olympics

1969 — Armstrong setting foot on the moon

1970 — Pele and British captain, Bobby Moore trading jerseys as a sign of mutual respect

1971 — Latinos protesting against human rights abuse

1972 — Liza Minnelli as Sally Bowles from the film, Cabaret

1973 — Martin Cooper of Motorola made the first publicized handheld mobile phone call on a prototype DynaTAC model.

1974 — A gay pride march in London

1975 — Former Spanish dictator, General Francisco Franco ® saluting as he listens to the national anthem during a ceremony at El Pardo Palace

1976 — Policemen beating unarmed demonstrators with batons

1977 — Freddie Mercury performing in New Haven, Connecticut

1978 — Martina Navratilova celebrating with her trophy at the Wimbledon Championships

1979 — A rally against unemployment and nuclear energy

1980 — A computer user

1981 — Lady Diana Spencer, soon to become the Princess of Wales, showing off her wedding gown

1982 — A New York Islander reacting after scoring the final goal

1983 — Prince

1984 — Pope John Paul II meets Algonquin Indians during a tour of Canada

1985 — Margaret Thatcher getting measured for her wax portrait which would be placed at Madam Tussauds

1986 — The Challenger spacecraft exploding

1987 — Madonna performs at a concert in The Seattle Kingdome

1988 -The memorial of the Ramstein airshow disaster for an Italian aerial demonstration team that crashed during the show

1989 — A Beijing citizen standing in front of tanks during the crushing of the Tiananmen Square uprising

1990 — Kim Basinger giving an autograph at the Academy Awards

1991 — Outside the White House in Moscow

1992 — Astronaut, Mae Jemison working in Spacelab-J

1993 — The fattest sumo wrestler in history with a small child during the opening ceremony for the Suma Basho competition

1994 — Thousands of supporters cheering for President-elect Nelson Mandela during his speech

1995 — Engineers testing huge, multi-lobed airbags which will protect the Mars Pathfinder spacecraft before it impacts the surface of Mars

1996 — U.S. pop star, Michael Jackson arriving in Poland for his concert

1997 — Princess Diana dies in a Paris car crash

1998 — Stump being named Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

1999 — The New Zealand All Blacks’ captain leading the Haka, a Maori traditional warrior dance

2000 — A man dressed as Jesus Christ welcoming the new millennium in Berlin

2001 — Michael Schumacher after he won the Grand Prix and became a world champion

2002 — Franck Perque at the Tour de France

2003 — Musher Aliy Zirkle at the start of the 2003 Iditarod sled dog race

2004 — A Russian police officer carrying a released baby from a school seized by heavily armed, masked men an


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