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A Tattoo Artist Talks to a Person for 30 Minutes to Come Up With a Tattoo That Reflects Their Personality, and the Results Are Just “Wow!”

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A 23-year-old tattoo artist from Munich, who works under the pseudonym Maison Hefner, got tired of regular tattoos and came up with something completely different. A year ago he created a new project called My Words Your Body whose participants have to trust the artist completely because only he knows which words will be on the customer’s body in the end. Maison prepares for the upcoming job thoroughly, he speaks with every client for 30 minutes, tries to ask those questions that will help him to reveal a client’s personality. After the conversation, necessary words just appear in the artist’s head. The customer just needs to decide which party of the body he or she wants the tattoo on, and gather up courage, of course. Would you ever do something like this?

5 Fun Facts would like to get you familiar with this remarkable project which brought the art of tattooing to a new level, a more poetic one. And it’s definitely something totally fresh, hard to disagree with that.

They really are poetic, aren’t they? But Maison’s muse is not always there to answer his every call, so he has to look through his notes with about 5,000 phrases prepared to catch his inspiration again. By the way, Maison is not only a tattoo artist, but also a poet and a writer. As they say, a talented person has talent for everything.

Maison never tattoos drunk clients or people who get distracted by their gadgets while in conversation with him. During his interview, Maison also mentioned that he would never abuse his power over someone else’s body. “It means a lot more to me if I can contribute something positive to another person’s life,” he says.

Maison believes that tattoos can have a much deeper meaning than just art on your body. It’s also important for him to know that his tattoo will become a certain mark on a person’s path when they want to change their life for the better, and he wants to believe that his tattoos will help those people with these intentions. Maison’s tattoos are a sort of therapy which throws people out of their comfort zones, helps them to regain their power, to reassess their values, and to just feel alive. This moment is priceless.

What is your opinion about this project? The author of this article, for example, really loved this idea and he would gladly (though not without fear) get this type of tattoo on his body. Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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