Tuesday, January 22

25 Deceptive Photos That Prove Our Eyes Can’t Be Trusted

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Sometimes we stare at a picture and can’t understand what we’re seeing. Is our world the best optical illusion or is it just our minds playing tricks on us?

5 Fun Facts collected some photos that prove there’s a huge gap between our perception of the world and reality.

“I’ve never seen a pelican race before.”

That flexibility!

A super spooky sheet is taking on a ghost’s form.

She would definitely win in the Olympics.

When your dog makes your selfie even more wonderful:

Deception of the year

Deception of the year #2

My wife is a centaur.

An out-of-body experience

The broccoli tree

He doesn’t need a glove.

Magic pet

Even Naomi Campbell would love to have such long legs.

The reflection on this bucket makes it look transparent.

Yogurt, a peach, and an apple


Zen cat

“I see a medium rare steak.”

Just a flying duck

“Help me! My dog’s melting!”

How cats see themselves:

If my car had an Instagram account…

Who are you?

Can you believe it’s just a pillow?

Conspiracy in progress

Which photo puzzled you the most? Share your own best pictures in the comments.

Preview photo credit unknown/imgur, wearelatinlive


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