Monday, January 21

24 Crazy Sights You’ll Only See in Russia

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Sometimes amazing stories from Russia make you laugh or just blink your eyes and exclaim: “You’re kidding me!” What would you say, for example, about a nuclear submarine near the beach or about a toilet… made from toilet paper?

5 Fun Facts gathered 24 crazy pictures for you that could only be taken in Russia.

24. A knight on a white horse and lady swimming in winter

23. When your parents wouldn’t buy you a puppy…

22. Tony Stark, are you ok?

21. Very angry dog

20. A tank instead of a snowman

19. Samovar coffee pot makes it cozier wherever you go

18. Hand-made has no limits

17. “Hi, my name is Officer Wow-Wow!”

16. A traditional carpet, even for a computer mouse. Carpets are a must, everywhere.

15. She’s read too much Dostoevsky.

14. The Soviet Union collapsed more than 20 years ago, but this “left over” bus stop is still functioning.

13. Russian guy with a strong spirit

12. Nothing to see here… Just the head of Lenin, taller than both cars.

11. The onion is so tricky! But Russian women are smarter.

10. Laundry day

9. Show this one to Elon Musk, please.

8. More crazy innovations with toilet paper

7. That’s one big catfish and one proud Russian lady.

6. Let’s pretend that it’s not a nuclear submarine…

5. Grandmas never leave the house without their axes.

4. Black Panther, is that you?

3. No words

2. Severe winter weather is coming! Get out your wool underwear.

1. Extreme skiing: Russian edition

Which picture surprised you the most? Share with us in the comments!

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