Thursday, June 20

24 Astounding Photos That Explain More Than Piles of Encyclopedias

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While scientists send more and more probes to space trying to find life on other planets, our nature continues to impress us with incredible things found on Earth. Blue lobsters, a black and white river, and alien-like slugs exist in this world right next to us. And though the age of discoverers is over, our planet is still full of mysteries and secrets.

5 Fun Facts is impressed by nature’s boundless imagination and invites you to discover a few secrets.

This blue jay still has half of its baby feathers.

A “limon” for a perfectionist

24 Astounding Photos That Explain More Than Piles of Encyclopedias

Baby puffer fish: impressive transformation

Here’s a puffer that’s depuffering.

An x-ray of a pregnant snake

A stingray migration

A rare (one in 2 million) blue lobster

This olive tree is 2000 years old.

Have you ever seen a spotless giraffe?

A 1500-year-old Angel Oak tree in South Carolina

This tomato’s seeds have started to sprout from the inside.

This anaconda shedding its skin looks like it’s eating itself.

This rock cross section looks like the ocean.

The dance of the Bateleur eagle

This beach in Slovenia is full of seashells.

These avocado seeds look like they are aliens in water.

A stroll along the magma river

This mushroom looks like it came from outer space.

The endangered dragon blood tree

This is where the Amazon River meets the Black River. The different colors are due to the different soils.

Visible shockwave from an explosion

A flipped iceberg

This sea slug was discovered off the coast of Bali.

Skeleton of the now extinct Archelon Ischyros, the largest sea turtle to have ever existed. This photo is dated 1902.

Would you like to see any of these things or creatures with your own eyes in real life?


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