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23 People Whose Guardian Angel Took a Day Off

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Sometimes our luck takes a short break and the whole day goes wrong: your skateboard falls into the water from a pier or you accidentally send an essay with a funny picture at the end of it to your teacher. Anyway, even if these situations make you blush, just pretend like they didn’t happen!

5 Fun Facts is completely sure that we all have bad days, and it’ll be OK, as long as we treat them with a sense of humor.

This is what happens when you park in front of a fire hydrant:

Incredible photos can cost a fortune.

23 People Whose Guardian Angel Took a Day Off

“I got a panoramic x-ray of my teeth and forgot to remove my glasses.”

She should’ve just kept quiet.

“Texted my husband to show him my brilliant idea for making sure I drank my full one liter of water before my ultrasound…”

Someone should maybe drink less coffee.

“Welp, my day is off to a great start…”

The perfect scenario

You can’t control everything.

When you’ve had a terrible morning:

“I just realized that I submitted my essay with a hamster pic at the end of it because I forgot to take it out.”

“So my friend accidentally dropped a $4 bottle of perfume on the sink, and instead of the perfume bottle cracking, the sink cracked.”

Good try, buddy.

Nice decorating skills

When you’re in a hurry:

“I was trying to take cream off of this spoon using a whisk…”

Moms: We’re nice and handy.

“I let the warranty lapse on my iPhone last week because, you know, I’ve never dropped it.”

“I wanted a window seat and got a wall.”

“A dog got a hold of my friend’s AirPods.”

“I work retail, and my morning was going great. I had 12 customers waiting outside and when I went to unlock the door…”

When your presentation skills are on point:

Done? Great, next!

What do you do when everything goes completely wrong?

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