Tuesday, January 22

20 People Who Know How to Lift You Up and Bring You Down at the Same Time

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If you have friends who can skillfully combine compliments with insults then you definitely know what it’s like to receive congratulations with a catch. You might be thrown in with the old people, your office walls could be covered with Justin Bieber posters, or you could get a birthday cake with some interesting wishes on it.

5 Fun Facts put together some examples of surprises and congratulations that leave you not knowing what to do — laugh or cry?

I should have asked for a magic wand.

Uncle Dave dropped in with presents.

It’s worth a second thought when someone gives you presents like this.

They congratulate you in a way that terrorizes you.

Honesty is the key to happy relationships.

The postcard that has a zero meaning

A mug from my beloved wife

Feel special.

“Sister got me this for my 18th birthday…”

Not all surprises from co-workers are equally pleasant.

Never leave your office unlocked on your birthday.

“My grandma had me decorate my dad’s birthday cake.”

Some friends can even turn a bachelor party into a funeral.

“After 10 years of marriage the notes are less cute and more to the point.”

“Our roommate left town for a few days… So we prepared a small surprise for him!”

“My boss jokingly claimed to be a Brony so we decided to go all out for his birthday.”

When your mom outdoes you in Halloween costumes:

Happiness — Disappointment — Happiness

“My darling takes care of me!”

“For the past 3 years, my wife has made me a Yoshi cake for my birthday. They’re always terrible, but I don’t care.”

Have you ever received these types of presents yourself? Or maybe you’re the one who likes to do similar pranks? Tell us in the comments below.

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