Friday, April 19

20 People Gave Their Old Junk a Second Chance, and the Results Were Amazing

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When something breaks down or becomes useless, we usually throw it away. There aren’t many people who realize this “trash” deserves a second chance. You’ll just need some creativity and the desire to turn a pile of old comics into an elegant wedding bouquet. The things depicted in this article are so simple, yet so amazing!

5 Fun Facts has found 20 interesting photos proving old items can really impress you if you give them another chance.

20. Furniture made from old metal barrels

19. A bird made from spoons

20 People Gave Their Old Junk a Second Chance, and the Results Were Amazing

18. An aircraft engine barbecue

17. A coffee table made out of old piano frames

16. A desk organizer made from a controller

15. A sketchbook made from recycled circuit boards

14. A blanket made out of t-shirts

13. Comfy chairs made out of old car tires

12. A bird figurine made from old CDs

11. A wine rack made from an old wine barrel

10. A bench made out of old computer towers

9. A pen made out of a flattened circuit board

8. Old escalators turned into a work of art

7. A wedding bouquet made from old comics

6. Pencils made out of old newspapers

5. This chair made out of old coins

4. Sheds made from old boats

3. A guitar built out of 1200 colored pencils

2. A bouquet made from steel cutlery

1. Library stools made out of old, discarded books

Have you ever tried to use old things in an unusual way?

Preview photo credit Knucklephuck / Reddit


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