Tuesday, May 21

20+ Extremely Good Looking Historical Figures Who’d Totally Conquer Social Media Today

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History is full of great personalities who never fail to inspire us. We dug up images of some of these famous people in their younger days — and, Goodness were we impressed! So much so that we couldn’t help fantasizing about how they’d do on the internet, if they were alive today.

You needn’t go any further. 5 Fun Facts presents to you a compilation of 20 iconic historical figures who would totally rock today’s social media with their charming looks.

1. This psychiatrist, Hermann Rorschach, is totally playing with our minds and our hearts.

2. Spreading those looks around like wildfire, here’s Joseph Stalin!

20+ Extremely Good Looking Historical Figures Who’d Totally Conquer Social Media Today

3. He used to say, “Nothing is permanent,” but, oh boy! He is eternal… Charlie Chaplin!

4. The leader of our hearts, Winston Churchill, is unrecognizable.

5. The son of President Roosevelt, Roosevelt Jr., would have a lively feed.

6. If she were alive, Virginia Woolf would probably have the highest number of followers.

7. Imagining Nikola Tesla on Twitter is giving me chills — electrifying!

8. Sacre Bleu! We wouldn’t mind facing a Season in Hell to meet this handsome face — Arthur Rimbaud.

9. Please save my heart too, Dr. Vivien Thomas.

10. “Adventures of the Everest!” — Tenzing Norgay would totally rock Instagram.

11. Lewis Powell, you are killing us with your looks!

12. Poet? Rupert Brooke could very well have been a runway model.

13. A queen in real life, Fawzia Fuad, would truly rule the internet with her looks today.

14. If Tom Sawyer had a face, it would be his writer’s — Mark Twain!

15. Thomas Alva Edison would have the best Twitter handle, considering the number of ideas that whizzed through his head.

16. The last ruling emperor of Russia, forever ruling our hearts — Tsar Nicholas II.

17. Presenting the real Great Gatsby — F. Scott Fitzgerald

18. Che Guevara would certainly cause a revolution on all the social media handles.

19. War and Peace? More like “Make me yours, please! Leo Tolstoy!”

20. Silent and sophisticated, Niels Bohr surely had looks to die for.

21. Philanthropist, Maharani Gayatri Devi, remains royalty in her lineage and looks too.

22. Those looks, that gaze… Jack Kerouac would smash all the records on social media.

Who did you find most attractive? Let us know in the comments which of them would have the best Instagram feed and who you think would totally rock on Twitter.


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