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19 Precious Life Hacks That Can Turn You Into a Packing Expert

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Fun fact: In Europe, people spend about $565 million a year on excess baggage fees. And most of these passengers don’t end up using around 1/3 of the things they take with them. It’s crystal clear why travelers, who don’t want to be part of this statistic, are figuring out new ways to save room in their luggage.

5 Fun Facts will tell you about 19 effective tricks that can make your baggage and your entire trip easy and fun.

1. Use empty pill bottles.

You can use a pill bottle to transport Q-tips. You don’t need many, which makes this a great idea.

2. Put jewelry in small containers.

If you want to take your jewelry with you, you can use a plastic container for that. You can also take this small container with you to the beach if you need to take off your jewelry to swim.

3. Use money stashes.

A good stash for paper money is an empty tube of Chapstick. Remember, you should remove the excess Chapstick before you put the money in.

4. Alternate things when packing.

T-shirts, blouses, and sweaters wrinkle less if you roll them. In any case, you should alternate knitwear and other clothes.

5. Use paper for packing.

Another way to minimize the amount of wrinkled clothing while traveling is to wrap each item in tissue paper or at least put layers of paper between each item of clothing.

6. Pack clothes in collapsible textile shelves.

You can use light textile shelves to pack your clothes. They are easy to pack and take out from the bags. It is also very convenient to hang them right on the bar in your hotel room closet.

7. Use laundry bags for packing and washing.

You can use laundry bags for transporting clothes. The rolled things will take up much less space and it is easy to put these bags inside the luggage. At the end of the trip, you will be able to put dirty clothes inside these bags.

8. Use the space inside shoes.

The space inside shoes can be used for more than just transporting socks. You can put bracelets, cords, belts, and bottles inside them too.

9. Pack each shoe separately.

It is best if you pack each shoe or boot separately instead of keeping them together. If you do this, you will save some room in your bag. There are special covers for shoes to keep your other clothes clean. You can also use old clean socks for shoes without heels.

10. Take a small amount of toothpaste with you.

If you are going away for just a few days, you don’t need to take the entire tube of toothpaste with you. You can put it in a clean eye drop bottle and it will be just enough to get you through your trip.

11. Use tape for transporting liquids.

In order to prevent liquids from leaking out of bottles, put tape on the tops.

12. Another way to prevent a leak:

You can also put a piece of plastic wrap on top of a bottle and screw the cap over it. You don’t want a bottle of lotion ruining the entire wardrobe you’ve packed for your trip!

13. Use socks as covers for small glass bottles.

In order to be sure that a glass bottle doesn’t get broken (for example, a bottle of perfume or face lotion), you can place it inside a sock and put another sock on top.

14. Put clothes in your shoes and wrap the shoes in a shower cap.

In order to save some room in your bag, you can put some small clothes in your shoes. And don’t forget to wrap the shoes in a shower cap, so that your other clothes stay clean.

15. Take a bunch of hair ties.

Hair ties are very useful for traveling because you can use them to pack stuff, fix cords, and so on. In order not to lose all these hair ties, you can use a carabiner to keep them all together.

16. Use a pot holder for transporting hair tools.

You don’t always need to have a hairdryer with you because it is easy to find one in a hotel. But when it comes to curling or flat irons, some women really need them. In this case, it is easy to transport them in a pot holder or a mitten. Besides, you won’t have to think about where to put the hot appliance until it cools down.

17. Transport makeup brushes in toothbrush cases.

Most makeup brushes can easily be put into small toothbrush cases.

18. Take an empty bottle with you.

If you are going to travel by plane, take an empty plastic bottle with you in order to get some water after customs. Very advanced travelers always take portable UV-devices with them to disinfect their water.

19. Transport fruit in a pack of chips.

You can use a pack of chips to transport exotic fruit. Just put them in a plastic bag, or wrap them in plastic film or paper beforehand.

What traveling tricks do you use?

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