Thursday, June 20

18 Touching Photos That Show Pets Are Always There for Us

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Research reveals that owning a pet makes us happier because they fulfill some of our social needs, making us smile, helping us deal with stress, and being loyal companions when sorrow enters our lives. In other words, they are our true friends.

5 Fun Facts has prepared this little tribute to pets, because it doesn’t matter if it’s a dog, a cat, a horse, or a pig: they’re always there to support us.

1. “These cats must somehow know my wife is pregnant. It’s like this every day… like a magnet.”

2. “My cat is trying to comfort me after a breakup… at least that’s what it seemed like.”

3. “My mom just had double knee surgery. Her pets have made it their responsibility to comfort her.”

4. “My son wasn’t feeling well so Cosmo came to the rescue.”

5. They’re there for us and for our family.

6. “This is a great way to recharge during a marathon!”

7. They help us prepare for when duty calls.

8. “Pedro has been out and about on home care visits this week.”

9. “Walking over to the MET with my assistant…”

10. These therapy dogs are waiting with great anticipation to see their respective children.

11. A soldier’s best friend

12. They can sense when we’re sad and comfort us when things aren’t going so well.

13. “Just keeping a loved one who had surgery company.”

14. “Ludo dreams of being a FDNY EMT like his daddy one day.”

15. “What’s the meaning of this paw on my hand? Well, it’s my best friend!”

16. They help us stay fit.

17. “My daily hug from Ranger makes the world so much better.”

18. “The wedding day would not be complete for a dog-loving bride if she couldn’t have her best furry friend by her side…”

Does your pet comfort you when you feel down? Share your stories and photos with us in the comments.

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