Thursday, February 21

18 People Who Take Shots So Brilliantly, It’s Basically Their Superpower

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There are people whose superpower is to appear in the right place, at the right time, grab their phones, take a picture, and become famous on the internet. Just have a look at a thoughtful bear or a romantic dinner right on a crosswalk overpass. We’d like to ask ourselves just one question: Where were we when it happened?

5 Fun Facts has no more doubts that people with superpowers do exist.

Perfect timing and great teamwork

A frog left an impression on this window.

All good boys go to heaven.

Apparently this is a totally normal thing in Alaska.

Just a thoughtful bear, chilling by a lake, in front of a rainbow.

This shadow is broken.

A bus wheel after driving on slushy roads

This is an apple orchard after a hurricane passed through.

Just a second before…

The snow in the shadows hasn’t melted yet.

This dog is sitting next to its very own doppelgänger statue.

This lightning strike is in the shape of a tree.

This photo looks like 4 photos stitched together.

Shadows going in 2 directions

The angle matters.

Romantic dinner

When the season was great:

This cloud looks like a thumbs up.

Which photo do you like the most? Do you have any pictures to share with us?

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