Friday, December 14

18 Examples of Life With Roommates to Remind You It’s Not Always Bliss

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Boredom isn’t something that you have to deal with when you live with roommates — be it for good reasons or for bad. How would you like to wake up in a tower of red cups or to see the “sausage Matrix trick” in your room?

5 Fun Facts found 18 pictures that reveal just how exciting it can be to live with roommates.

My roommate has to get up at 4 AM for a train. I’ll just leave this snowman here:

Bringing the pet into the mix

This is how my roommate decided to let me know that it was time to throw out my old shoes:

Made this for my roommate:

Regretable violence

My friend works at a movie theater and can take the cardboard cutouts. I have an irreconcilable fear of sharks. She decided to use her spare key privileges to terrify me beyond repair.

Woke up and thought I lost my roommate. Found her a few minutes later like this…

My roommate, the engineer:

My roommate is afraid of clowns.

That’s one way to deal with dirty dishes…

Left a romantic surprise for my roommate…

Prank revenge on my roommate

Just got this key cut for my 6’6″, 250 lb, male roommate.

My roommates said they left me a slice.

Roommate passed out early at a party…

There was ice in the bottom to give it weight. Gotta love roommates.

Went to defrost the freezer. Seems my roommate has been having some fun.

For April Fools I decided to turn my roommates’ bathroom into a chicken coop. We live in an apartment.

What are your experiences with roommates? Share your photos in the comments below!

Preview photo credit jbreezy13/reddit, iGhostship/reddit


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