Friday, December 14

17 Hilarious Desktop Wallpapers That Are Actually Genius

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It’s amazing how the creativity of some people seems to have absolutely no boundaries! Even a minor detail such as a desktop wallpaper can be turned into a masterpiece.

Tired of ordinary flower and nature pictures on your desktop? We at 5 Fun Facts collected 17 photos of the most creative and humorous wallpapers that will inspire you to try something new. Enjoy!

Organization skills — level 90


A cookie for this genius!

Durden knows what’s important.

This desktop is cosmic:


Explorer is terrifying.

What could possibly be in this folder?

The best use of 2 screens

Another great idea for dual monitors

And that’s how you arrange 4 monitors:

This guy is a genius!

I’ll just go and enjoy the view from my window…

The time has come to make a choice, Mr. Anderson.

Great idea for all the football fans out there

I’ll just leave this here.

Poor, poor Explorer…

What does your wallpaper look like? Send us a photo in the comments below!

Preview photo credit Wertson / reddit


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