Tuesday, May 21

15 Weird Photos That Almost Made Us Believe Time Travel Exists

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In footage from the premiere of Charlie Chaplin’s movie, The Circus, a woman can be seen holding and possibly talking into a thin, black box held to her ear. While it was likely a hearing aid device from that time, over the years, some people have come to believe it was a phone and that the woman was a real-life Time Lord. In fact, there are other photos and even paintings that people have claimed as proof that certain people have traveled through time (or at least just age surprisingly well), including some of your favorite celebrities.

We at 5 Fun Facts are always on the lookout for history’s secrets, so we’re sharing photos that seem to show that time travel could be (or already is) a reality with these immortal celebrities.

1. Could this man in a top hat be Barack Obama himself?

2. It would also seem that former President Barack Obama occasionally spent time as a woman too…

15 Weird Photos That Almost Made Us Believe Time Travel Exists

3. Channing Tatum sure is quiet about having served time in World War II.

4. Nicolae Grigorescu was a Romanian painter who apparently invented the philosopher’s stone and now goes by the name, Orlando Bloom.

5. You know, it would make sense if Caligula inspired Game of Thrones… the man did appoint a horse to the Senate.

6. Matthew McConaughey really should have kept that moustache.

7. No matter what decade, Johnny Depp can still make glasses look cool.

8. You could say that this is clearly a picture of Andy Samberg and Daniel Radcliffe in the 1970s…

9. Except here is Radcliffe back when he was a little girl.

10. A young Joseph Stalin looks like he could have been a member of One Direction… Zayn Malik to be precise.

11. It’s nice to see Justin Timberlake learned to smile over the centuries.

12. American journalist Rose Wilder Lane clearly reinvented herself as Maggie Gyllenhaal.

13. This lovely young lady from the 1960’s could be Rami Malek’s twin sister.

14. “My great-grandmother in 1950s looks like Maisie Williams.”

15. Ben Affleck still looks pretty dapper for a man born in 1894.

Do you know of or even have any photos that prove time is an illusion? Let us know! Share with us!


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