Friday, April 19

13 Unforeseen Pics That Can Teach You a Bit More About Women

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All women experience funny situations in their everyday lives. We’ve all had problems with straight and curly hair, nails that break at the worst possible time, or an important text message with no response for far too long.

5 Fun Facts suggests that you take a look at these 13 funny posts from social media about typical woman problems.

1. This makes you feel better fast.

2. “Does my butt look good in these shorts?”

13 Unforeseen Pics That Can Teach You a Bit More About Women

3. This happens every time.

4. When he said he’d be there in 5 minutes to pick you up:

5. When you really need to dress up, but you just don’t want to:

6. — “What’s wrong?”

— “Nothing…”

7. And then you spend hours looking for a good photo and get angry when you can’t find anything.

8. When you are on a diet again, but you decided to start it tomorrow

9. This is what happens when you choose the wrong angle.

10. Perfect match

11. “Why can’t I just eat and lose weight?”

12. We really feel for him.

13. “She probably won’t let him put any dressing on her salad now.”

Have you had similar situations happen in your life?

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