Wednesday, May 22

12 awesome ideas for updating your kid’s wardrobe this summer

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Every parent soon realises just how fast their kids grow — you buy them new clothes, and in what seems like only a few days, they’re already too small.

That’s why we at 5 Fun Facts put together a few ideas to show you how to make a few new items for your kids with your own hands.

A magnificent skirt

Look here to find out how to make this cute skirt using nothing more than strips of material.

A cute pinafore dress

You can make this wonderful little thing using just a few rolls of material. Find out how to do it here.

Simple pants

Has your child yet again outgrown their pants? Never mind, you can make your own by following these instructions.


You can always turn pants into a great pair of shorts. Find out how to do it here.

An adorable circular skirt

This is actually the most simple skirt to make. See this video to find out how it’s done.


It’s hard to believe that an entire set of pajamas can be made using just one T-shirt. But it’s true — find out how to do it yourself here.

A simple but wonderful dress

A body suit can easily be transformed into a dress. Check out the instructions here.

A gorgeous beach dress

Another summer costume for your little girl, this time made from an ordinary T-shirt. See here for details.

A skirt/shorts combo

Another great idea for summer. You can find the details right here.

The cutest little skirt ever designed

There’s no end to the amount of cute things you can make out of a simple T-shirt: this skirt, for example. You can find the instructions here.

A simple yet wonderfully creative design

A really good idea if you’re still learning to sew. The instructions are here.

Stylish shorts for a baby

A great idea for making a little pair of shorts for a newborn can be found here.


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