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10 Stories Confirming the Truth That There Is Always a Bright Side to Every Situation

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Sometimes we fail and we don’t know whether to laugh or cry. It seems our fate loves to play tricks on us. Because how else can the stories from our list be explained?

5 Fun Facts put together some real stories from internet users whose failures turned out to actually be luck.

  • Our neighbor is a nudist, and his balcony is right next to ours. So when you come out to our balcony, you can see him sitting naked on his balcony and drinking coffee. Recently, a friend of mine dropped by. I decided to show her our beautiful view which could be seen from the balcony. So, we came out and then we saw my neighbor waving with his newspaper and revealing himself. I greeted him calmly. And my friend suddenly said, “Yes, you really have a remarkable view. I can see every tiny detail.” Since then my neighbor has been wearing shorts. My friend’s words probably hurt his feelings.
  • I lost my smartphone. It was pretty expensive, so it was a bummer to lose it, but still I decided not to get too upset. Then, I was walking in the park and to my surprise I see my phone on a bench, but the battery was dead. So I came home and turned it on. Everything seemed all right, all the apps were in the right order but… they all belonged to a different person. In the photo, I saw that it was a guy around 25 years old. From his phone, I called mine. It turned out that he had also found “his” so called phone in the park because he lost his. Since then we’ve become good friends.
  • Once I was walking home from the supermarket and saw quite a big lady dressed in a nightgown walking her chihuahua near her house. The dog was dressed in cool purple overalls with crystals on the back. While I was thinking over the fact that even dogs were dressed better than me, a big crow appeared, grabbed the dog by its overalls, and dragged it in an unknown direction. I froze in astonishment, while the lady started screaming “Prissy! Prissy!” and ran after the kidnapper throwing her slippers at it. She rescued her princess eventually…
  • I used to work for a big mobile phone company. We had a lot of conflicted clients coming in who wanted to argue about their broken phone or an incorrect balance. I always tried to help them and calm them down, but also felt really nervous. Once, a new client came in, a woman in her 40s, who began screaming right as she walked through the front door. Then she looked at me, took me by the hand, and said: “Sweetheart, don’t worry that much or you’ll lose your health,” and continued to shout at everyone else.
  • All my life, my last name has been twisted in every possible way. I got used to it and stopped paying attention to it. But the most remarkable situation happened just recently at the post office. I knew that my package had already arrived but I still didn’t get my notification from them. So I went to them in person and they immediately found my package. I was filling in my details when the post office worker said: “We always look our addressees by their last names and you’d never get your notification because you know how they twist words in China. See for yourself!” I looked and saw that it was correct…
  • A friend of mine had always had a pretty big nose. She hesitated about getting plastic surgery and always made fun of it. Once she told us that when she had been in Bulgaria, the elevator doors hit her right on the nose. We laughed until we cried. But her nose was broken and she had to have it operated on. So, she decided to make it smaller all in one shot. Eventually, her appearance lost its edge and she has regretted her decision since then. “Maybe I should grow it again,” she said. Well, at least her sense of humor is still there.
  • Since I was a child, I had a feeling that I lived in someone else’s apartment. I’d ask my parents, and they’d always laugh it off. Recently I found out that while I had been at my grandma’s place when I was about 4-years-old, we had really moved to a different apartment that was in the same building and my parents decorated it almost exactly the same. And when I had asked about new things and one more room, they used to say that I had just forgotten. Hell, they said they didn’t want to hurt my feelings! But what about the fact that I thought I was crazy for 20 years? That’s perfectly fine, it seems.
  • I was looking for a new foundation when a sales assistant decided to help me and began to apply different testers on my hand. Suddenly, something happened with one of the tubes and bright orange cream shot out in a large stream right on my white pants and it was impossible to rub it off with a tissue. As an apology, the assistant gave me a full bag of testers. I was never able to clean it off my pants, but at least I didn’t have to buy cosmetics for a very long time.
  • I have an acquaintance. She has always pissed me off with her arrogance and self-confidence. But even when she was drunk, she was gorgeous. Once we got drunk together… It was then that I understood that I simply envied her. I envied her confidence, her openness, her ability to not depend on others’ opinions. So, I said that to her, and she replied, “You’re as calm as a rock, you’re a good wife and mother, and I’m just a beautiful plant.” That conversation changed us both. Now I have a best friend. She has become much calmer and I have become more confident, so we balance each other perfectly.
  • On New Year’s Eve 2 years ago, I made a wish to start a new life. At the beginning of January, I was hit by a car. As a result, I had a head injury, operations, reanimation, rehabilitation, and then partial amnesia and gaps in my memory. I had to get to know my family and my parents again, and I didn’t recognize my boyfriend, so we broke up. My tastes, preferences, and hobbies changed. It all resulted in me getting a pastry chef education, a new job, and a new place to live. Now I’m expecting a child from my ex-boss, who I used to hate before.

Dear readers, we are interested in you! Tell us about yourself. Maybe you volunteer in a retirement home, or used to live in Bangladesh, or work in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris. We’d love to hear all your stories, so please share them with us.

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