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10 Cosmetic Products You Might Be Wasting Your Money On

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According to the survey conducted by the online shop SkinStore, women use around 16 cosmetic products every day on average. And there is nothing surprising about this fact: almost every day there’s a new “necessary” product that usually ends up in our purse sooner or later. But in reality, not all of them deserve a spot in our makeup bags.

We at 5 Fun Facts encourage you to check your purse for these cosmetic products that are either useless or could even be harmful. Also, you might want to give up using some cosmetics that don’t match your skin type.

Coconut oil

In the past few years, coconut oil has become one of the most popular natural cosmetic products. It’s often used instead of moisturizing creams or as a skin cleanser. However, coconut oil is not a universal product that works for everyone. It can clog up the pores and cause acne in some people. If you have oily skin, you should choose a different product for your face.

Face Mist

Face mists are supposed to moisturize the skin, but it’s not that simple. Dry skin needs not only the moisture, but also the elements that keep the skin moisturized. Without the elements, the moisture just evaporates from the skin’s surface. So, most mists are not only useless, but actually harmful: they don’t contain anything but water, a scent, and coloring (that could cause an allergic reaction in people who have sensitive skin.) If you like mists, choose ones that contain glycerin, propylene glycol, hyaluronic acid, and aloe extract.

Chemical peels

When people are trying to save some money, they start doing chemical peels at home. But this is one of the cases where a procedure should only be done by a professional. These products are supposed to remove the upper layer of skin, which is why even the smallest mistake in using a product like this can cause serious damage.

Acne removal tools

This is the same as chemical peeling. You should see a certified cosmetologist for these procedures. These tools can be useless or even really dangerous if you don’t know how to use them correctly.

Magnifying mirror

This mirror can make some procedures a little easier but it also magnifies all the imperfections. This is why it might seem to you that you have far more problems with your skin than you really do. So, we recommend using a regular mirror and a good light source.

Anti-cellulite creams

No matter what the containers of these products say and no matter how much we want to believe them, anti-cellulite creams just don’t work. Period. More than that, cellulite is just a natural feature of some people’s bodies. The appearance of cellulite doesn’t depend on losing or gaining weight, it is connected with hormones and genes.

Stretch mark creams

Unfortunately, stretch mark creams are also useless. They just moisturize the skin which makes it look a little bit better. And some people may even notice that their stretch marks are not visible any more. But in order to moisturize the skin, you don’t need to buy a special product: a regular moisturizing cream or oil will have exactly the same effect.

Cuticle creams

More often than not, cuticle creams contain exactly the same ingredients as regular hand creams. It is just another way to make people buy more products. In order not to pay more for a “brand new” product, you can just use oils and regular hand creams on your cuticles.

Lip scrubs

Lip scrubs are usually just lip balms with abrasive particles and a very high price. Besides, the lip skin is very tender, and scrubs can peel off both dead and living skin. This product can make the lips even drier which means that they might crack even more. So, it’s best if you use moisturizing balms to take care of your lips instead.

Products for split ends

Here is another product that is a complete waste of money. Most of these products just temporarily straighten the ends and create the illusion of healthy hair. But there is no way to make your hair healthy without having it cut. So, get a haircut and try to take better care of your hair in the future.

Tell us about the cosmetics that you never use and why?

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