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10 Car Hacks From Experienced Drivers That Are Worth Knowing

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According to a 2017 study from AAA, it costs around $8,469 per year to own and operate an average car. We think that that’s quite a lot of money. Any ideas to find a way to decrease this sum sound good to us! We’re not suggesting that you use public transportation, because that’s not very convenient, but we are ready to share some cool car hacks with you.

We at 5 Fun Facts are sure that these tips will help you save some money. Use them wisely! Do not forget to check the bonus section. We have prepared an easy test for you.

1. How do you remove dents from your car without spending money?

It’s always annoying when you get a dent in your car. And it can actually cost quite a lot to get it out if you take it to a body shop. If you’re feeling sad, it means that you don’t know that hot water and a plunger can help you repair dings in your car for free.


  • Boil some water.
  • Pour it out on the dent to make it more flexible.
  • Take a plunger and pull the dent until it pops out.

If the dent is located on the bumper you can try to reach behind the bumper and pop the dent out with your hands. Good luck!

2. How do you remove small glass shards?

If you were lucky enough to break your car glass (or have it broken), use tape to remove the small shards from the carpets and floor surfaces where the vacuum cleaner is not effective.

3. How do you protect your car against door dings from your parking garage neighbor?

If your neighbors have kids or you are just not sure if the neighbors themselves are careful enough, use pool noodles to protect your car. If you are afraid to leave your windows open, you can hang them from the garage roof or your car’s roof racks.

4. How do you fog proof your windshield?

We think all drivers will either face this problem one day or have already experienced it. But not all of them know that there is an easy and cheap way to protect your windshield. All you need is a bottle of shaving cream and 2 dry towels.

  • Get a dry towel;
  • Apply some shaving cream to the towel;
  • Rub it onto your windshield;
  • Wipe the cream off with a different towel.
  • Enjoy!

5. How do you remember which side your fuel tank is on?

Here is a small tip for those people who always forget which side their fuel tank is located on. Most cars have an arrow on their gas gauge and it points to the side the fuel tank is located on. Check it out car and stop being confused at the gas station.

6. How do you pour oil in your car if you do not have a funnel?

If you need to pour oil into your car but there is no funnel around, you can replace it with a screwdriver. If you don’t have a screwdriver take a sheet of paper and roll it into a funnel shape.

7. How do you clean your headlights at home?

Over time, the plastic your headlights are made of can get cloudy. Use toothpaste to clean them with almost no effort.

How to do it:

  • Put the toothpaste on your fingers (or on any cloth);
  • Rub it onto your headlights in a circular motion;
  • Take a paper towel to further rub the paste into the headlights in a repeated circular motion;
  • Leave it for 10 — 15 minutes;
  • Remove the toothpaste with a wet cloth or a wet paper towel (or just blast it off with water).

This method works best when you use a whitening toothpaste.

8. How do you increase your car’s remote range?

Have you heard the silly idea that if you touch your chin to your car remote, its range will increase? According to this article it really works. William Van Winkle researched this and reported that there were 42 steps between the maximum normal range and the maximum range with chin boost.

9. How do you get unstuck from mud if there is no one around?

If you are adventurous or just like to visit muddy places, you may have already been in this situation. It’s fine if you have some friends who are ready to push your car. But what do you do if you are alone?

The answer is simple. Find a piece of wood (a strong branch will do) and attach it to your wheel. Slowly press the gas and set your car free.

10. How do you check to see if you need new tires for winter?

Here is an easy test to check and see if you need new tires to be safe for the winter. Take a penny and place its head into several tread grooves. If you see the top of Lincoln’s head every time, your tires are worn and you need to replace them as soon as possible. If a part of Lincoln’s head is covered, there is more that 2/32 of an inch of tread depth remaining.

If you don’t have any change on you, check your tires. There is a treadwear indicator bar molded into most of them that will let you know how much time you have left before you need to change them.

Bonus: Do you know what this button does?

The answer is simple. If you press the one with the hook (or with a car parked on slope) you can leave your car at night and the standard alarm system won’t work. Using the button with the word “off” (or the upper button on the left side of the above photos), you can turn the ultrasonic detector off and it won’t catch movements inside the car. For example, you can leave a pet or your child inside your car, but remember that is very dangerous and you should not leave them alone for a long time.

What tips for drivers do you have? Share them in the comment section below.


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